Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PTS - Meetings Management Module

The MM module sets up Project-related meetings and includes facilities to issue meeting notices to a chosen attendee list (subject, agenda, time, date, duration and venue). Attendees also receive notices when meetings are cancelled by the originator. The following images show a typical meeting setup screen and a user-specific view of meetings that they convened or need to attend.

This post is the eighth in a ten-part series about UTS's Project Tracking System. Check back next week to learn about the Document Management Module.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PTS - Corporate Client Module

PTS comes with an elaborate Dashboard that provides point-and-click access on the status of every Package and every ongoing Project. Information on planned and previous Projects can also be accessed and reported.

The Client Module provides a privilege-based view of all activities in the Project Plan. For each Package in each Project, the status (percentage completed) of each activity and a consolidated completion status–rolled up to the Package and Project levels–can be readily accessed. The Client Module also provides a number of default reports. These include:

Project Group Progress report
Package Pre-Award report
Running Project Cost Report
Time Tracker Report
Package Listing Report
Billing Breakup Units Report (BBU or manufactured and bought out item groups and individual items in each group)
Activity Alert Report (for viewing the status of various Project activities and identifying the ones that are running late for more timely action)
Sensitive Activity Report

Project participants interact primarily with the client module on a day-to-day basis to update status and time-related information.

Here are some typical Corporate Client Module screens:

Interface for updating action taken for critical and sensitive activities

Resource Cost Rate Table for Project Running Cost calculations based on entries in the Time Tracker Module

This post is the seventh in a ten-part series about UTS's Project Tracking System. Check back next week to read about the Meetings Management Module.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PTS - Time Tracker and Cost Information Module

Every project utilizes an intangible resource–time–which adds to the cost of any project. Human resource costs are sometimes calculated in an ad-hoc manner or get averaged across projects. Consequently, the time spent by Engineers, Reviewers, Site Inspectors, Site Managers and other project entities is missed. The TTC module provides a time sheet with a login and password for every project participant. Individuals’ time is tracked on a daily basis to provide a complete cost estimate in terms of resource hours. TTC can readily monitor a more precise running cost for each project if the cost rate information is provided. The following image shows a typical Time Tracker interface:

Dialog showing how PTS users can make task-based time sheet entries into the system.

This post is the sixth in a ten-part series about UTS's Project Tracking System. Check back next week to learn about the Corporate Client Module.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

PTS - Site Managers Module

Site Managers who oversee the receipt of shipments use the Site Managers Module to enter the status of each manufactured or bought-out-item received. They can also enter real-time information on the progress of various erection activities such as Chimney Piling, Boiler Structure Erection, and Cabling. The progress of erection activities and shipments is entered in specific (and customizable) units pertaining to each item. For example, steel shipments may be measured in metric tons while pile caps would be in quantity units.

Site Managers enter progress data via a web-based module. All data received from each site is analyzed and compared with the Project Plan activities to ensure that all delayed activities get reported quickly. The Site Managers module includes customizable interactive graphical interfaces for specific activities such as Chimney Piling, ESP Foundation Piling, Boiler Erection and other activities. A typical Site Managers Module Interface, and other sample screens from the Site Managers Module, are shown below:

Site Managers Module interface for providing updates on item deliveries and progress at the plant site.

Sample interface for Site Managers to provide updates on Chimney Piling Progress.

Example of another interface for providing updates on piling activities.

This post is the fifth in a series about UTS's Project Tracking System. Check back next week to learn about the Time Tracker and Cost Information Module.



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