Wednesday, September 09, 2009

PTS - Core Administrative Module

The Administrative Module is the core module that provides the facilities to:

  • Manage projects (Create and edit project information)
  • Link projects to their respective packages or systems (Add, edit and delete packages from a project)
  • Link individual packages to their respective project plans
  • Associate users with various projects and project groups
  • Provide each user with specific roles and privileges to access various project details through the client module
  • Create, edit and maintain a list of all manufactured and supplied items for each package in each project. These items are then tracked during the following project phases: Item manufacturing and inspection, item dispatch, item receipt at plant site, item erection
  • Link design review groups to their respective project plan activities
  • Link pre-award activities to their respective project plan activities, including: Notice inviting tenders, opening of bid documents provided by bidders for each package, reciept of the letter of acceptance from bidders
  • Create and manage specific lists of "Sensitive Activites" for each package. Sensitive Activities are tracked for delays through the life of a project

This is the final installment in a ten-part series about UTS's Project Tracking System.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

PTS - Document Management Module

Every activity in a Project Plan involves documentation, which may be shared across teams or among team members. PTS provides upload, filtering and search facilities for viewing information pertaining to Project activities. These may include documents that are internally generated and then uploaded for sharing with other Project or team members.

Documents can be readily viewed. Supported formats include Microsoft Office, PDF, TXT and RTF and DWG files. Support for specific file extensions can be added as needed.

This post is the ninth in a ten-part series about UTS's Project Tracking System. Check back next week for the final installment, which will discuss the core Administrative Module.



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