Tuesday, November 06, 2007

TK Solver -My Journey


I have used TK Solver for over 15 years I guess. I used Fortran on my Mechanical Engineering degree at University and in my first job, I was asked to design an ejector for a subsea application. I was given a design manual and told to get on with it. What should I use, I asked - try TK Solver. And so my love of TK began.

I used TK Solver in the DOS days when all we had was a black screen with access to two Sheets at any given time. I have seen TK evolve and also experienced how other users from across the world use it. From designing black boxes, bridges, racing cars, to even modelling blood flow within a heart - I have seen many applications and always TK has helped users. The great benefit of TK's power is that as the user you do not need to concentrate on getting the formulas in the correct order. Enter them as you see it - then let TK do the rest.

One recent customer tried TK Solver for the first time, instead of taking the "usual" Excel approach. He needed assistance in working out what TK could do but within a short period of time, he was up to speed and modelling his system. He called me just to tell me about how much in awe he was with the power and capability that TK provided. It made me smile and he congratulated UTS on two fronts: 1) The power of the software and 2) The continued support he has been provided. The support side is something that UTS prides itself on and we do our best to address the issue as timely as possible. The fact that users speak to an end user that provides telephone and email support is valued amongst our User community.

I wonder how many original TK users from the version 1.0 days (remember those 5 1/4 discs) still use TK Solver. If you are a long time user tell us your story.


Rahul Dogra


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