Wednesday, December 09, 2009

December 9, 2009

Advanced Spring Design 7 Release is “Unbelievable”
New Features and Spring Types Make ASD7 an Essential Upgrade.

A joint project between Universal Technical Systems, Inc. (UTS) and the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) since its first launch in 2003, Advanced Spring Design Release 6 has always lived up to its name, advancing spring design to the next level, saving spring designers time and reducing the margin for human error. After a number of intermediate updates, a totally new ASD 7 is now released making the newest product a must have for every spring designer. ASD7 meets all of your spring design needs in a single program, combining engineering expertise with customized calculations created in TK Solver’s collaborative environment to help you design quality springs.

Dick Carter, an Engineering Manager from Michigan Spring & Stamping has been using ASD6 since its beta version in 2003 and has done several thousand designs. He notes “with the upgrade to ASD7, spring design becomes increasingly robust over a larger variety of spring types.”

Some of the new spring types included in ASD7 are:

  • Systems of compression springs in series and in parallel
  • Internal and external garter springs
  • Constant force spiral springs
  • Stacked Belleville washers
  • Internal and External snap rings
Carter continues, “ASD7 is a powerful tool which cuts design time by eliminating the need for running multiple designs. Your response to the customer can be almost instantaneous and with a professional in-depth detailed datasheet complete with DXF and 3D drawings, as well as plots. ASD7 contains the combined science from throughout the spring industry pertaining to spring design theory in a simple to use software.”

Dick Carter isn’t the only user impressed by ASD7, Tom Lusinski, a Plant Manager, Spring Division, and Spring Estimator for Stanley Spring & Stamping has been using ASD6 for the past few years for all of his spring design needs on a day-to-day basis. Describing ASD6 as “fantastic,” Lusinski was blown away by ASD7. “It is unbelievable… the new features and help module offered in ASD7 are state-of-the-art.”

New Features in ASD7 Include:

  • Non-linear rates for conical compression springs
  • Ability to calculate torsion at arm and arm length calculations
  • Variable pitch and diameter on single springs
  • Context-sensitive help linked to the SMI Encyclopedia
  • Built-in curve-fitting routine for tensile strength data
  • Life plots with default or user-defined S-N curves
  • Improved management of saved designs
  • 3D images produced for each design
  • Notes can be saved with each design
  • “Enterprise” option for sharing designs across networks
“The 3-D viewer is tremendous. I could go on and on. Anyone that was familiar with how ASD6 operated will be very pleased to work with ASD7”, says Lusinski.

ASD7 contains a flexible database of materials with a new estimation routine for minimum tensile strength, making it easier to add your own materials. Other time-saving features include the ability to combine cylindrical and conical compression springs in a series (stacked or continuous) and in parallel (nested). Because it runs on TK Solver, ASD7 lets you “backsolve” your designs, allowing you to solve your problem in any direction, and gives you a means of designing a spring with variable pitch, rate, size, and other characteristics.

“I never thought that spring design software could do any more than ASD6 was doing, but I was terribly wrong,” says Lusinski. Other ASD7 users are bound to agree.

Since 1933, the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) has served North American manufacturers of springs and their associate suppliers.

Universal Technical Systems, Inc. has been a leading provider of high-productivity problem-solving software products and custom developed solutions, including the highly-regarded TK Solver, since 1984. Visit or call 815-963-2220 to schedule your free trial and demonstration of ASD 7.

Contact: Todd Piefer, (815) 963-2220

Additonal Information:
ASD7 Product Page
Brochure and Fact Sheet

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tutorial Video: Differential Equations #5

Built upon Differential Equations #4 includes showing the use of the new ODE Wizard which automates some of the steps required.

Differential Equations #5

Tutorial Video: Differential Equations #4

Built upon Differential Equations #3

Differential Equations #4

Tutorial Video: Differential Equations #3

Built upon Differential Equations #2

Differntial Equations #3

Tutorial Video: Differential Equations #2

Built upon Differential Equations #1

Differential Equations #2

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tutorial Video: Differential Equations #1

We’re going to record some video tutorials for a variety of TK Solver topics. The tutorials will be posted in the support section of the UTS web site. Each one will be about five minutes in length and in some cases we’ll include a series of several videos to cover topic. These will be based on text from existing documentation and case studies written over the years but it’s often much more efficient to have a video to see it in action. The sessions will not necessarily go into every bit of detail but should be useful for people who want to follow along, pausing to try the same things on their own computer if necessary. We are interested in getting suggestions for video topics. A sample can be seen in the link below.

Differential Equations #1



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