Monday, March 30, 2009

Roark's Formulas for Excel Tutorial - Part 2 of 5

***Click here to download a free trial of Roark's Formulas for Excel.***

Problem 2

Let’s extend Problem 1 (Friday, March 20) by adding beam support and load information. Specifically, assume that the beam will be steel, 6 ft long, fixed at both ends, with a maximum concentrated load of 2000 lbf at the center. You want to determine the deflection and stress values.

Click here to download the rest of the case study.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Roark's Formulas for Excel Tutorial - Part 1 of 5

Five Quick Problems - Part 1 of 5

***Click here to download a free trial of Roark's Formulas for Excel.***

Tutorials will use the Standard User Mode to highlight the simplicity in using this software. All Tutorials are shown with the US unit system.

Problem 1

Suppose you are designing a beam with a hollow rectangular section and you need to know the area, moment of inertia, and plastic section modulus.

Start Excel and click on Roark’s Formulas for Excel (RFE) Explorer on the Roark’s Formulas for Excel Toolbar. Select the US unit system and click OK to open the Roark’s Formulas for Excel Explorer.

When the Explorer appears, select Table A.1, Case 3 by either double-clicking it or by clicking on it then clicking the Add button. Your selection is confirmed when it is displayed in the upper right portion of the Explorer screen.

After making your selection, click the Standard User Mode button to continue.

Click the Finish button to link the model into the Excel Worksheet.

You can now explore further on the Excel sheet. Change the inputs, change the units and see the results and plots instantly update.

Click here to download a free trial of Roark's Formulas for Excel.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

UTS Enterprise Products

You may have noticed that our homepage looks a bit different; we've reorganized as part of an initiative to highlight our suite of enterprise products. Galaxy is a knowledge management system that lets you develop and deploy calculations as enterprise solutions. Project Tracking System does exactly what its name implies, giving organizations the ability to select specific project management systems and tools, including design tools, project schedulers, databases, inventory management and ERP systems.

Another enterprise product, UTS Learning Center, is a web-based solution that lets you easily create and deliver training modules to anyone, anywhere in the world. Finally, TeamKonnect makes it easy for companies to develop standards or procedures with multiple authors. It is a secure, web-based application tailored specifically for collaborative writing, production, balloting, audit trailing (accountability), commenting, and other auditing features.

Contact us at +1 815-963-2220 or to schedule a free, live web demo of these or any other UTS product.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Integrated Gear Software - A Case Study

This week's case study is drawn from our collection of case studies developed using Integrated Gear Software (IGS). The primary purpose of the model is to provide a preliminary set of data and an estimate of the load capacity for an external gear set. Click here to read more.

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