Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TK Solver 5.0 Update Release 5.00.0130

Applies to TK Solver 5.0 Regular and Premium Editions. New additions to TK Solver 5.0 Update Release 5.00.0130:

New features:
  • Added a GEOMETRY folder to the TK Library. You’ll find it in the Mathematics section.
  • Added a curve-fitting routine to the Statistics section of the Library that determines the center coordinates and radius of a circle that best fits through a set of coordinates.
  • TK's native FlexLM licensing code has been removed and replaced by calls to the UTSLicense.DLL component to centralize UTS licensing policies.

Bug fixes:

  • If a Startup function led to a user defined error message (ErrMsg), TK was displaying the error dialog twice.
  • On including or merging a TK model if the number of resulting objects on a sheet exceeded 32000, TK crashed. This is now trapped and the user is given a soft landing with an "Incomplete Load XX Sheet" message.
  • TK was crashing under the following circumstance -- pasting procedure function statements into MathLook, then deleting the parent function, saving and then reloading the model.
  • The Examine dialog was not able to Examine long rules or expressions if they exceeded 200 characters in length. This upper limit has now been extended to 512 characters.
  • Keeping the Navigation Bar open causes solution times to increase drastically especially for models that create and delete lists repeatedly. The Nav bar was attempting to keep itself updated during a solver loop. Navigation bar updates during solving have been disabled universally.


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