Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Variable Pitch/Rate Compression Springs with ASD7

Our Advanced Spring Design 7.0.13 software includes programs for compression springs in series as well as in parallel.  This allows for spring designs which change in stiffness as the loads increase.

Variable pitch springs have an initial stiffness until those coils with the smallest pitch begin to go solid.  Here’s an example along with a plot of the load/deflection curve.

Nested springs of different lengths can also be used to change the stiffness as the load increases.  The longest spring will resist the load by itself until it deflects to the length of the next longest spring and then both will be engaged.

Here is an example of three nested springs along with a plot of the load/deflection curve.

If you haven’t seen this software in action, download a free trial from our web site  http://www.uts.com/Freetrial.asp and/or call us to schedule a free orientation via GotoMeeting.


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