Wednesday, September 09, 2009

PTS - Core Administrative Module

The Administrative Module is the core module that provides the facilities to:

  • Manage projects (Create and edit project information)
  • Link projects to their respective packages or systems (Add, edit and delete packages from a project)
  • Link individual packages to their respective project plans
  • Associate users with various projects and project groups
  • Provide each user with specific roles and privileges to access various project details through the client module
  • Create, edit and maintain a list of all manufactured and supplied items for each package in each project. These items are then tracked during the following project phases: Item manufacturing and inspection, item dispatch, item receipt at plant site, item erection
  • Link design review groups to their respective project plan activities
  • Link pre-award activities to their respective project plan activities, including: Notice inviting tenders, opening of bid documents provided by bidders for each package, reciept of the letter of acceptance from bidders
  • Create and manage specific lists of "Sensitive Activites" for each package. Sensitive Activities are tracked for delays through the life of a project

This is the final installment in a ten-part series about UTS's Project Tracking System.



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