Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PTS - Engineering Calculations Module

The DR Module (see last week's post) is accompanied by TK Solver, a powerful Engineering Calculations Module which aids in solving the most challenging engineering design problems. Design equations can be entered directly into TK Solver and solved instantly. Outputs and different sets of inputs for each design can be saved as part of every calculation model, allowing reviewers to instantly perform “what-if” calculations during the Design Review Process. TK Solver can accept up to 32,000 design equations and up to 32,000 variables in a single calculation. This module includes an Optimizer for performing non-linear optimization, Engineering Plots, Support for Tables, Advanced Units Conversion and List Solving.

This post is the second in a ten-part series about UTS's Project Tracking System. Check back next week to read about the Manufacturer or Vendor Module.

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