Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PTS - Time Tracker and Cost Information Module

Every project utilizes an intangible resource–time–which adds to the cost of any project. Human resource costs are sometimes calculated in an ad-hoc manner or get averaged across projects. Consequently, the time spent by Engineers, Reviewers, Site Inspectors, Site Managers and other project entities is missed. The TTC module provides a time sheet with a login and password for every project participant. Individuals’ time is tracked on a daily basis to provide a complete cost estimate in terms of resource hours. TTC can readily monitor a more precise running cost for each project if the cost rate information is provided. The following image shows a typical Time Tracker interface:

Dialog showing how PTS users can make task-based time sheet entries into the system.

This post is the sixth in a ten-part series about UTS's Project Tracking System. Check back next week to learn about the Corporate Client Module.



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